Since 1994,we are in coating industry,Having an experience of more than 2 decades.

Our team of experts use highest quality chemicals to apply the zinc flake coating. It is more effective way of ensuring corrosion protection in comparison to the electrolytically deposited zinc or zinc alloys. We use advance coating techniques to ensure the uniform distribution of coating layer of 10-15 microns in thickness. The coating done by our professionals can also achieve more than 1500 hours salt spray test.

Zinc flake Coating Systems

NSS Testing Comparisons vs HDG

Zinc Flake

After 1104 Hrs NSS



After 312 Hrs NSS
Layer thickness of zinc flake coatings significantyly lower.
  • SST more than 1500 hrs, depending on specification.
  • In salt spray test Zn al flake coating demonstrate better protection against corrosion than a typical galvanic zinc coating, which in the test (generally, run in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227) often achieve only 96 to 200 hours.
  • Coating compliance with RoHS,EVL,REACH,WEEE.
  • COF controls from 0.08 to 0.20
  • Coating suitability for temperature more than 350℃.
  • Freedom from hydrogen embrittlement
  • 100% ECO friendly process.
  • Chrome free process.
  • Suitability for multiple torque.
  • Bright finishing than other surface coating methods.
  • Excellent UV resistance / abrasion resistance.